Generic Propecia – Hair Loss Treatment

According to recent studies of scientists, there are more than a million hair follicles on the head of each person, but only 100-150 000 can regenerate. If your head of hair has begun to gradually thin out, do not panic. Most often it happens because of stresses and physical exhaustion of the organism.

baldingSpecialists say that alopecia (hair loss) occurs in certain areas of the head in men. There are three types of alopecia: traumatic, alopecia and androgenic or masculine. According to statistics, 40-50% patients suffer from hair loss are male and 20-30% are female.

Androgen alopecia is the most widespread. The reason for this is the increased production of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, which converts testosterone (male hormone) to dihydrotestosterone. This results in the reduction phase of the hair follicle and the subsequent ability to produce only vellus hair. Luckily, there is a helpful remedy against alopecia. Propecia is one of the most effective means that are used in the treatment of hair loss. Finasteride is the active substance. Propecia is used for treatment hair loss of androgenic type only in men. Doctors use it in the complex therapy in combination with minoxidil as the action of drugs is enhanced greatly in this combination. There is an analogue to Propecia – generic Propecia. The main difference is in price as the composition is the same.

Dihydrotestosterone-3D-ballsGeneric Propecia is used only for men; it shows clinical effect in women. In addition, it has a toxic effect on the fetus in utero; the drug may act remotely when planning pregnancy. Therefore, women are categorically forbidden to take Propecia and even contact with it. The drug is produced in tablet form with a good protective layer to prevent sudden contact.

Generic Propecia has also the following effects:

  • stimulation cell division prostate;
  • growth of the male genitalia;
  • participation in the process of erection during sexual intercourse;
  • body recovering after strenuous exercise;
  • stimulation the secretion of sebum and acting on the corresponding cancer.

The effect of generic Propecia is not immediate. Typically, the rate of growth of hair about is one cm. per month. Observations show that it requires at least three months to achieve good results. If you take the drug for a year and see no noticeable effect, the treatment can be stopped. It is strongly recommended to consult a specialist before taking this drug.