New Test To Determine A Man’s Sexual Orientation

According to research, we can low tell whether a gay is a homosexual or a heterosexual. These findings were presented not long ago at the annual meeting of the American Society for Human Genetics in Baltimore, MD 2015.

This test includes the use of the algorithm which helps in identifying the DNA pattern of methylation across all nine regions of all human genome which is related to sexual orientation of an individual.

A DNA methylation is a designed molecular which is a replica of DNA which controls the gene expression. These modifications are triggered by some environmental factors, like exposure to chemical, exercise, diet and stress.

DNA-gayAccording to Dr. Tuck C. Ngun of California University, this is the 1st example of the predictive model of sexual orientation which is based on the molecular makers.

Previous research indicated that an individual sexuality can be determined by activities of certain human genes, the latest study conducted to identical twins proves that these findings are real.

Despite being identical twins and having the same gene sequence It is evident that only 20% are homosexual, this has triggered many to come to a conclusion that it points to DNA alterations which is an influencer of the sexual orientation.

There have been mysteries on why most identical twins who share the same genes differ in homosexuality, according Tim Spector, Proffessor of King’s College London said that Epigenetic differences is one of the obvious causes of this and this study concurs with that.

Algorithm predicted the sexual orientation with an accuracy of 70%

The organization enrolled 37 pairs of male identical twins, but one was heterosexual and the other was homosexual, and alongside was another 10 pair male twins who were homosexual.

This study enabled the researchers to uncover the causes of genetic differences. This helped them to point out the methylation DNA pattern which may be associated sex orientation. Although it was proved but there were some difficult.

Like other studies algorithm is no exception it also had its drawbacks, it was proved that their methylation DNA pattern were highly correlated, the high correlation and huge data set made it hard to note the difference between twins making it hard to pick one who is relevant to sexual orientation and also determining which is the most productive.

To make work easier and determine which pattern would best be linked to sexual orientation, the researchers crafted an algorithm known as FuzzyForest which enabled them to shift through 400,000 data point.