A lot of Students Tend to Overindulge in Brain Enhancing Drugs

It has been reported that some university students in the UK are using banned drugs to stay awake during exam time. Medical reports suggest that Noopet, a white powder, is the substance that thousands of students think is going to boost their memory and cognitive function. Despite the fact that the government had banned the non-prescription sale of the drug earlier on as a way to reduce illegal-high, the online student community on social media are secretly exchanging the drug.

The scenario mentioned above brings the discussion of brain enhancing drugs to the table. Do they work? Are they safe? Is it worth taking the risk? People are always thinking of ways to maximize their mental capabilities. In fact, scientists, college students, investment bankers, entrepreneurs and even Silicon Valley geeks are often thinking of techniques to sharpen their minds.the-matrix-red-pill-or-blue-pill

The proponents of brain enhancement drugs suggest that it is no different from taking a cup of coffee. Coffee-lovers know that it is a socially accepted drink that alters the mind and makes people more alert. Even so, are brain enhancing drugs safe and efficient as coffee?

Types of brain enhancing drugs commonly used

“Smart Drugs” is a term that is used to refer to pharmaceuticals or memory enhancing drugs that are allegedly taken so as to improve cognitive and memory skills such as learning, concentration, and attention.

ADHD medications

Ritalin and Adderall are medications that fall into the category of ADHD drugs. They are said to work by helping users to alleviate inattentiveness, impulsiveness, poor memory and mood swings that are experienced by people who have been diagnosed with ADHD. Medical experts suggest that use of such drugs could help the “normal” people feel smarter and sharper temporarily. However, users develop tolerance within a short period.


Piracetam is one of the most popular campus drugs that is abused by students. Whereas it is available in some countries over the counter, or as a prescription drug, it is not available in the United States either as a supplement or as a medication. Often, it is disguised as Lucetam, Nootropyl, or Nootropil.


Modafinil has found its place as a favorite for Wall Street bankers, bio-hackers, and Silicon Valley geeks. It was originally intended to help people with sleep disorders, but it has now been used for focus and concentration problems. Proponents of Modafinil say that it is safe to use. Nonetheless, many users have reported serious side effects such as headaches, nervousness, anxiety, hypertension, and weight loss.

On a side note, studies have repetitively suggested that brain enhancing drugs do not make people smarter. Instead, they make you think you are smart when in actual fact they are degrading the brain function.