Finasteride Will Keep Your Hair Thick and your Prostate Thin!

Finasteride is a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, used in men to treat hair loss and benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). The drug’s brand name is Propecia (Proscar) and it really does what it should – it stops alopecia and saves prostate. More details are shown below.


Propecia acts by inhibiting the male hormones responsible for hair growth blockade and for prostate size increase. Due to this it can slow down the hair loss (balding) and help avoid prostate surgery. It also treats cute urinary retention (sudden inability to urinate). This medicine is of no use for women and children as it interacts with male hormones only.


How to Use Finasteride?


propecia-1mgProscar is available in a form of tablets that should be taken orally once a day, with or without food. Try to take it at the same time daily to reduce the risk of missing the dose. If you missed the time or were not able to take the drug according to the schedule – just skip the dose. Doubling the dose does not double the curative effect, only doubling the risk of suffering side effects. Take a detailed medical examination and consultation from your doctor to stay on the safe side.


Finasteride controls BPH but does not cure it. It should be taken as a part of therapy and it takes about 6 months before significant improvement of BPH symptoms occurs. Taking Proscar on a regular basis is vital in order to control the condition, even after symptoms are improved. Do not quit Propecia without consulting with your doctor.


Propecia shows signs of hair loss improvement only in 3-6 months, because hair loss and growth take some time. It is important to continue taking Finasteride even after you notice improvements in order to keep the positive progress. After 12 months of Propecia usage you will witness great improvements in your hair condition. In case this does not happen in 12 months, further course may be useless. However, consult with your doctor before making decision to quit or to continue Propecia.


Indications for Propecia Use


proscar-5mgAll processes in human body are affected by biochemical processes. Hormones are catalysts, starting or finishing certain processes, regulating metabolism, influencing libido and mood. Hormones control everything, including hair loss and prostate growth.


Proscar helps to control your hormonal stance due to Finasteride. It blocks the production of male hormone, which is responsible for hair loss or balding. Propecia is prescribed as a part of therapy for treating hair loss and BPH in men after 30-40.


Contraindications and Precautions while on Finasteride


  • &#9959 Study the list of Finasteride ingredients and make sure you have no allergy to any of these
  • &#9959 Avoid Proscar if you have liver diseases or prostate cancer
  • &#9959 Tell your doctor what medications, herbal treatments, nutritional supplements or vitamins you take. This is needed to specify the best dosage for you in order to avoid possible side effects from drug interactions
  • &#9959 Visit your doctor regularly and monitor your health state diligently. Seek immediate medical attention in case any of the side effects listed below appear
  • &#9959 This medication is influencing hormonal production in men and should NEVER be used by pregnant or nursing women or children. It can damage fetus or cause hormonal disorders in children. In case a woman or a child touches or takes the pills by mistake, they should utilize clyster immediately and seek urgent medical attention


Finasteride side effects


As a potent drug, really able to control hormonal production, Finasteride can cause such side effects if overdosed:


  • &#9959 Decreased libido
  • &#9959 Weak or absent ejaculation with small amounts of ejaculate
  • &#9959 Pain in testicles
  • &#9959 Depression
  • &#9959 Abdominal pain
  • &#9959 Nausea and vomiting
  • &#9959 Swelling of lips and face
  • &#9959 Strange pain in breasts, appearance of discharges
  • &#9959 Rash
  • &#9959 Itching
  • &#9959 Hives


Seek immediate medical attention if any of these occur. Report to your doctor in case you experience unusual conditions or have strange feelings while on this drug.


Supplements, Storage and Disposal of Finasteride


The only reliable way of buying a real medication is purchasing Finasteride over the counter. This allows you checking all documents at once to ensure you are not buying a fake. Please keep in mind a prescription is needed to purchase Propecia over the counter.


Keep the pills away from kids and women. Tablets should be stored in a dark, cold and dry place with sufficient air flow (upper kitchen cabinets will do, bathroom will not). Keep the drug in the package it came in, tightly closed and hidden from children eyes. Dispose it at once if the medicine is outdated or you decided to stop the course. If you bought Proscar over the counter, talk to that pharmacist about proper disposal of the drug.


Finasteride can treat prostate and hair loss in men, allowing comfortable urination and offering a certain degree of self-respect. It will cure a pair of the most embarrassing men diseases and will do it without unpleasant consequences if used right. Use your chance to live a BPH-free life!